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Diamantes da Luz

S.L. Benfica diamond collection

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At Brilianto, we are dedicated to ethical and sustainable principles, crafting each diamond with meticulous care and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every piece reflects the essence of exclusivity and luxury.

Diamonds With Soul
Logotipo Oficial de Brilianto sobre el fondo Brilianto. Un fondo 3d gris oscuro con un patrón de líneas diagonales.

Diamonds with Soul

Exclusive and limited collections of soulful diamonds

Icono de diamante único: símbolo de elegancia y singularidad en tus joyas.

Soulful diamonds

Our diamonds are born from the unique essence of carbon, created by organic materials such as stadium grass or the hair of your loved ones. This singularity infuses each jewel with an unparalleled essence.

Icono de compromiso con la sostenibilidad: una mano sosteniendo la Tierra, símbolo de nuestro cuidado por el medio ambiente.


The application of advanced technology, supported by renewable energy, enables us to create exclusive diamonds with environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices, minimizing environmental impact.

Icono de certificado de diamante: garantía de autenticidad y calidad en cada joya.

IGI Certification

The IGI (International Gemological Institute) certificate is an internationally recognized official document that provides a detailed assessment of the characteristics, quality, and authenticity of our diamonds.

Banner from the Etern Spotify Camp Nou diamond collection. 1957 bracelet with the 1957 pin, finished in 18K gold and enamel.

Exclusivity in Collaboration

Our exclusive licenses already signed

Licencia oficial de Sport Lisboa e Benfica x Brilianto. Colección exclusiva de diamantes con alma que nacen a partir del césped del Estadio da Luz.


Official License of Sport Lisboa e Benfica

Licencia oficial del FC Barcelona x Brilianto. Colección exclusiva de diamantes.

FC Barcelona

Official License of Fútbol Club Barcelona

Licencia oficial del Atlético de Madrid x Brilianto. Colección exclusiva de diamantes.

Atlético de Madrid

Official License of Atlético de Madrid

Licencia oficial del RCD Espanyol x Brilianto. Colección exclusiva de diamantes.

RCD Espanyol

Official License of Real Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona

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